New Wolsey Theatre

BauderThermofol PVC single ply waterproofing system with Structual rooflights


The New Wolsey Theatre is located in Ipswich, hometown of the Bauder UK head office. The theatre had suffered from historic problems with water ingress. With this in mind, Bauder was committed to provide a high level of support throughout.

Bauder Building Board

Project: New Wolsey Theatre
Location: Ipswich, Suffolk
Project Type: Refurbishment
Roof Area: 1500m²​
Specifier: KLH Architects​
Main Contractor: SEH French Construction
Approved Contractor: C-Eco Roofing Ltd​

The specification

Since the location of this building is prominent within the town where it's located, aesthetics were an important consideration during the specification. Due to the buildings high visibility, Bauder Thermofol singly ply waterproofing system was chosen to replace the current failing waterproofing.

This lightweight, cost effective system provided a comprehensive product and workmanship guarantee. To add further dimension to the aesthetics of this project, Bauder Thermofol profiles were installed to replicate a standing seam effect, with stunning results.


The result

The existing slated pitched roof required stripping prior to the installation of the new Bauder system. The substrate under the slate comprised woodwool panels. This required 18mm of plywood to be secured to the steel channels of the woodwool to create a safe and sound deck to apply the new system to. The roofing contractor had to negotiate some challenging hips and valleys, so safety systems and procedures were imperative to keep everyone safe.

The system comprises of Bauder Thermofol single ply, BauderPIR FA insulation and BauderTEC KSD Foil air and vapour control layer (AVCL). This self-adhesive bituminous AVCL was specified to ensure the building was kept watertight during the installation as the theatre remained open. As the failing roof was stripped and the deleterious materials disposed, the operatives had to install the BauderTEC KSD Foil in the same day. This required careful planning of works to ensure the roof remained leak free during installation and works were carried out safely. Operatives could only strip an area that they could then make waterproof with the AVCL in the same day. All works also had to be carried out in between shows and rehearsals to prevent disruption to performers, crew and audiences.

Six Bauder structural double glazed rooflights were also installed to replace existing older glazed units. This allowed for the full system including rooflights to be covered by the Bauder Guarantee.

During the project, there were site meetings with the architect and main contractor to overcome some challenging details. Due to the addition of insulation the eaves detail increased in thickness so Bauder, the roofing contractor, main contractor and architect all agreed on an alternative drip detail to convey rainwater into the existing gutter. The project was successfully completed in 2018.

System installed

BauderThermofol PVC single ply waterproofing system

1 Bauder Thermofol U15 FR A 1.5mm thick, reinforced PVC waterproofing membrane. Stated within BBA certificate 06/4354, the Thermofol PVC waterproofing membranes have a service life in excess of 35 years. 
2 Bauder PIR M Tissue-faced flat board insulation, benefitting from a zero ODP and a Green guide rating of ‘A’.
3 BauderTEC KSD A self-adhesive elastomeric bitumen air and vapour control layer with an aluminium foil facing for vapour impermeability.