Canberra House

Bauder Cold Applied LiquiTOP System


Canberra House is an office facility in Swindon. The existing single ply PVC waterproofing system roof was leaking and so Bauder carried out a full site survey. The resultant report gave the client several options to rectify the leaking roof.

Bauder Building Board

Project name

Canberra House



Project type


Roof size



Rapleys LLP (Bristol)

Approved contractor

Central Roofing & Building Services Limited

The specification

The LiquiTOP system was chosen as it can be applied directly to the prepared and primed existing single ply covering. The liquid system allowed us to get into tight spaces and without the need for any hot works.

LiquiTOP is excellent on refurbishment projects where the complexity of the roof involves intricate areas to be detailed that are not easily achieved with a sheet membrane, or the actual working space on the roof is constricted.

Project challenges

Large areas of plant and machinery were situated just above the roof level making access to the areas below difficult with the plant in-situ. The available budget on this project did not allow for lifting or removing the plant, stripping the existing waterproofing system, and replacing with new. Therefore, the decision was made to overlay the existing single ply membrane with a cold applied liquid waterproofing which can be installed without the need to raise any plant.
To overcome drainage challenges, secondary upstands were created under the plant and fabricated channels placed underneath allowing water to flow through to the drainage points.

The result

Bauder was able to offer a cost-effective solution without the necessity to remove or decommission the roof mounted plant and machinery. Cost reductions were achieved for the client by overlaying the existing roof, negating any need to strip existing materials, and not having to remove or raise the plant.

The works were carried out by Central Roofing who manged the project impeccably and also finished ahead of schedule.

System installed

Bauder Cold Applied LiquiTOP System

1 LiquiTOP PU cold applied liquid

A moisture triggered curing polyurethane waterproofing resin; applied in 2 coats, reinforced with Bauder LiquiTOP Glass Fibre Mat.