HMP Pentonville

BauderThermoplan FPO single ply waterproofing system


Completed in 1842, HMP Pentonville has remained in use since opening, experiencing many stages of refurbishment throughout the decades. In 2003, the existing asphalt deck above the kitchens was in need of a complete refit with the building having to remain in use throughout the refurbishment of the roof.

A thermographic survey revealed significant levels of water trapped beneath the deck, a problem resolved by a specialist contractor removing the water to ensure the deck met Bauder’s standards before commencement of works. The refurbishment required the removal of redundant machinery and the introduction of defined walk ways.

All works were completed in six weeks with the roof area being totally transformed.

Bauder Building Board


HMP Pentonville


HM Prison Services


London Borough of Islington

Area Size:



Breyer Group Plc

System installed

Bauder Thermoplan FPO system


1.5mm reinforced FPO membrane, the FPO formulation ensures it is resistant to chemicals and micro-organism attack 

2 BauderPIR M

This efficient tissue-faced flatboard insulation has been specially developed for use within Bauder single ply systems. 

3 BauderSYN DB-PE 100

A blue, polyethylene air and vapour control layer. The product is installed by loose laying and suitable for Thermofol mechanically fastened and ballasted single ply systems.