The Walnuts School

BauderThermofol PVC single ply waterproofing system with BauderGREEN XF 301 sedum system 


The client wanted the roof of this new building to not only be of the highest quality but also designed to be aesthetically pleasing and echo the ethos of the school based upon respecting your environment. Insulation needed to be incorporated into the roof build-up in order to satisfy building regulations and work hours had to be agreed to keep disruption to a minimum. The work also had to be completed to strict deadlines to ensure that the school would be open in time for the start of its inaugural term at its new location in Hazeley.

Bauder Building Board

Project: The Walnuts School
Location: Hazeley
Roof Area: 2,000m²
Roofing Contractor: Voland Asphalt Ltd
Specifier: Architectural MK

The specification

Due to the building’s exposed location, wind uplift calculations were performed prior to work commencing, making sure the new roof could resist extreme weather conditions. Bauder Thermofol PVC single ply waterproofing system was specified because it is robust, has a life expectancy in excess of 30 years as stated in BBA certificate 06/4354. The PVC formulation ensures it is resistant to chemicals and micro-organism attack making it ideal for green roof situations. The system build-up included BauderPIR M 60 insulation for efficient thermal performance, ensuring the roof achieved the required 0.25 U-Value.

Products applied

Bauder Thermofol
Integrated single ply waterproofing system, featuring 1.5mm membrane offering high tensile strength of over 1100N and can be guaranteed for up to 20 years depending on system type.

BauderGREEN XF 301
A lightweight, easy to maintain sedum blanket that provides instant greening to the roof.



The result 

Despite design and logistical challenges, the new roof system was delivered on time and to budget with all deliveries scheduled as not to conflict with vehicles moving in and out of the facility.

Systems installed

Bauder Thermofol PVC single ply waterproofing system 


1 Bauder Thermofol U15 FR 1.5mm polyvinyl chloride membrane (PVC) reinforced with a pre-coated polyester cross-weaved matting for mechanically fixed installations. 
2 BauderPIR M 60 This efficient tissue-faced flatboard insulation has been specially developed for use within Bauder single ply systems. 
3 BauderSYN DB-PE 100 A blue, polyethylene air and vapour control layer. The product is installed by loose laying and suitable for Thermofol mechanically fastened and ballasted single ply systems.

BauderGREEN XF 301 sedum system

1 BauderGREEN XF 301 Sedum vegetation blanket instantly providing at least 90% coverage on an extensive green roof. Integrated water retention and filter layer.
2 BauderGREEN AL 40 40mm high perforated edge/drainage trim frames and retains the Bauder XF 301 sedum system.
3 BauderGREEN SDF Multi-functional drainage and filtration layer which prevents the roots of sedum plants from becoming waterlogged.
4 BauderPLANT E Torch-on root-resistant capping sheet green