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CRASH Recognises Industry Leaders Present and Future at It's Annual Reception

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 @ 10:44

CRASH Above and Beyond Awards

Hosted by Building, Barbour ABI and BD Online at UBM’s Head Office, the ceremony brought together an illustrious gallery of big names from the construction and property industry who have all given their valuable time and resources to support the CRASH cause.

CRASH Deputy Chairman Tony Giddings welcomed guests and spoke about some of the remarkable achievements during the past year.  

CRASH Chief Executive Francesca Roberts then addressed the reception saying: “This event is the one time in the year when the CRASH team can publicly thank you our Patrons for all the tremendous work that you do throughout the year.

“Patron companies underpin every aspect of CRASH, and over the past 21 years, the charity has become an exciting and effective partnership of the corporate and the charitable sectors.  What CRASH achieves is only possible thanks to you and your efforts to help people when they are most in need.”

Above and Beyond Awards

CRASH Patrons Arcadis, Bauder and Imtech received awards for their outstanding contributions of professional expertise, materials and fundraising respectively.

Bauder’s exceptional assistance for the provision of construction materials to Emmaus Dover for the refurbishment of their roof has given this self-supporting homelessness charity a new lease of life to several buildings which provide meaningful work environments for all ‘Companions’, as the former homeless people are known. Companions are able to stay as long as they wish at the facility but in return are asked to work in the community in a range of roles according to their skills, ability and interests.

A companion at Emmaus Dover said, “We are a bit like the furniture that arrives here – battered, bruised and broken.  But over time, we are restored, renovated and brought back to life”

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