The project

This new build project in the centre of Gloucester combined Bauder’s single ply Thermofol system and the BauderSOLAR PV solution. A very specific configuration of the roof area on the new Gloucester Transport Hub meant that a large amount of design consideration was needed in order to provide a secure waterproofing system without compromising the aesthetics of the roof project. This required communication with the contractor to ensure a high standard was maintained and the complex issues that arose during the project could be tackled together.

Bauder Building Board

Project: Gloucester Transport Hub​
Location: Gloucester
Roof Size: 1,520m²
Approved Contractor: Kovara Projects Ltd

The challenge

The design of the bus station building proved to be the key challenge to this project. The unusual configuration led Bauder to design an entirely bespoke insulation pattern using the Bauder PIR FA flat board in order to secure the roof and achieve the required U-value. The decking configuration equally made the installation of the Bauder Thermofol system complex, the perimeter zone having to be carefully marked in compatibility with the wind calculation. OMG roofing, Bauder and Kovara Projects were required to work closely to ensure all aspects of the wind calculations were met. 40 units of the lightweight BauderSOLAR PV system were also installed on the west side of the bus station’s roof.

The installation

The OMG Rhinobond induction welding system chosen, provided multiple advantages to the project, not only saving time and fasteners, but also optimising the field fix pattern of installation and ensuring that the load on the roof was spread between the induction welding plates. Close attention was paid to the aesthetics as this was a key objective for the client.
The location of the project, Gloucester city centre, presented logistical challenges. Delivery of the roofing products had to be carefully managed to avoid creating congestion in the area. Kovara and Bauder collaborated extremely well in order to schedule logistics appropriately.

Applied products

Thermofol PVC single ply 

This system was selected for the project because of its lightweight properties which complemented the deck and roof design. Light grey was chosen to reflect the colour of the cladding as the aesthetics was a key objective for the client.