Wildflower Meadow Roofs for BREEAM

Leading roof manufacturer Bauder has created the first wildflower green roof blanket to include 24 UK native plants as standard.  The new product will be launched at Ecobuild on 20 March 2012.

Following two years development, Bauder’s product is frost hardy and faster growing than sedum.  It also provides a broad range of colour over a longer period of the year.  The number of native species included in the Bauder blanket ensures a higher BREAAM rating than other products and endorse its leading position in green roof technologies.

Nick Ridout, Bauder Green Roof Product Manager, commented: “Following a successful trial at the Museum of London – our new wildflower blanket responds to the demands of architects, developers and landscape consultants.  It provides a plant community in all but the most extreme locations and, best of all, requires only a modest amount of maintenance.”

“The key benefit of using the XF118 Wildflower Blanket is it’s speedy establishment of a dense, vigorous and seasonally colourful vegetated sward across the roof, which will quickly attract a broad range of aphids and invertebrates that in turn will encourage the development of a sustainable ecology on the roof. In addition to this, the product also overcomes the potential risk associated with plug plant and seed mix installations of outside factors, such as unseasonably dry weather or insufficient establishment maintenance, from  affecting the eventual outcome.”

“Where a client needs to ensure that a biodiverse green roof will deliver a satisfactory performance, both in ecological and a visual terms and with the minimum of risk and a near immediate effect after installation, then  the XF118 Wildflower Blanket will provide the solution.”

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