A+ for Bauder Roofing in BRE Green Guide

Top ranking in the BRE Green Guide for Bauder as their roofing membranes are confirmed to have high environmental credentials and with plenty of ‘greenwash’ out there it’s refreshing to have some solid facts about the environmental credentials of a manufacturer and their products.

The Bauder Group is committed to reducing the impact their business has on the environment and goes about this in different ways. Their manufacturing programme is geared towards protecting the environment and their waterproofing products feature in the BRE Green Guide; with flat roof waterproofing membranes generically categorised as A+ and their PIR insulation in generic category A, with a GWP of < 5kg CO2-Eq/kg and zero ODP.

These credentials are supported by the company's environmental management plan that ensures they continuously reduce their impacts and uphold their ‘Zero to Landfill Production’ policy.

Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that Bauder ranks among the prominent manufacturers for flat roof waterproofing membranes and competitively delivers projects throughout the UK and Ireland.