NHS Trust Invest in Photovoltaics

The Queensway Clinic in Hatfield recently underwent major refurbishment as part of a significant investment in healthcare services by the NHS Trust, which included replacing the failing roof with a Bauder roofing system and installing state-of-the-art photovoltaic (PV) energy panels.


The client wanted this 1960’s built clinic to be completely remodelled and provide Hatfield with one of the most modern and environmentally friendly community health clinics in Hertfordshire. Given these requirements, BauderSOLAR’s innovative PV solution, SOLfixx Plus, was a natural choice. This unique low-profile system allows for web-based monitoring of the individual PV modules and features an automated warning system that identifies irregularities prior to them having a detrimental impact on the system’s performance.

Roof areas totalling 300m² were fitted with 38 PV modules, which were secured to the bituminous Bauder Total Roof System waterproofing, enabling the clinic to generate at least 9.9 Megawatt Hours of solar power each year. The remarkable simplicity of the installation also meant that the Bauder approved contractor, R T Roofing Services, could fit the entire PV array in just one day to the client’s exact specifications.


The PV installation at Queensway has helped reduce the building’s carbon footprint by an estimated 65% and has dramatically cut the clinic’s energy bills, with the solar panels generating enough electricity to meet most of the building’s hot water needs. The project was completed in July 2013.

Graham Bell of NHS Property Services stated, “We were delighted to find a single source solution of roof renewal combined with PV supply and fit. With all works undertaken by one expert approved contractor we were given comfort that the guarantee would not be compromised by separate installations.”