Bauder's Got Talent?

This year Bauder is entering the real spirit of Christmas by helping the homeless and donating the Christmas card budget to the CRASH ‘No Christmas Card Appeal.’  As the construction industry’s charity, CRASH responds to requests from frontline homelessness charities for help with construction projects, such as night shelters, day centres and hostels. CRASH offers three kinds of help; Professional expertise - Cash grants - Free materials.

Bauder also raised an additional £250 by holding a ‘Bauder’s Got Talent’ competition where members of staff were invited to put on a talent show for the company centred on a Christmas theme.  With headline acts including ‘The Irregular 12 Days of Christmas’ ‘Ebenezer Salesman Scrooge Appeal’ and an abridged rap version of the Monty Python film ‘The Life of Brian’ complete with bearded ladies, the evening was always going to be a success. 

Paul Bauder, owner of Bauder Ltd, said “The event was an amazing evening with staff really getting in to the swing of what Christmas can all be about, having fun, but also remembering those who are less fortunate.  By raising money the company can help support people who don’t have a home of their own this Christmas.”

Bauder is a patron of CRASH, making an annual donation as well as choosing to give further support by supplying materials and staff time where we are able to offer specific on-site expertise.

Visit the CRASH website for more information