At Bauder we have extended our staff social events with the creation of our very own fitness program, Bauder Boot Camp. The fitness class takes place every Thursday for one hour after work in the car park of our main office located on Landseer Road, Ipswich.

The Boot Camp is led by fitness instructor Tom Whitehead, or ‘Terminator Tom’ as he is affectionately known by participants, who provides expert advice and encouragement as he puts Bauder employees through their paces. The class consists of a wide range of activities including dynamic stretching, interval training and various explosive routines, which help reactivate key areas of the body that can seize up during the day when sat behind a desk.

Bauder Boot Camp is designed to promote wellbeing, camaraderie and team effort. Everyone involved can work at their own desired pace, as they team up in small groups and work towards specific goals. Regular aerobic exercise like this has obvious health benefits, however more than anything it gives employees a great opportunity to relieve stress and socialize outside of work.