Bauder Continues to Offset Carbon Emissions

The World Land Trust’s (WLT) Carbon Balanced initiative has enabled Bauder to save 1,500 kgs of carbon dioxide and preserve 126m² of critically threatened tropical forest by offsetting the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions produced during the printing of its latest publication in November 2013.      

The Carbon Balanced programme was launched in 2005 by international conservation charity World Land Trust as a way of encouraging companies to offset their carbon emissions and address the growing threat of dangerous climate change. The way in which companies can do this is by using Carbon Balanced Paper, which has had all carbon emissions related to its production and distribution offset by the WLT, for their printing purposes. Through the use of this eco-friendly paper organizations can reduce their impact on the climate and make a valuable contribution to global biodiversity conservation.

Paul Felgate, Environmental Manager at Bauder, said At Bauder we recognize that businesses play a vital role in tackling global emissions. Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to us and lies at the forefront of our strategic thinking. As a company we continually look to assess how we can improve energy efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment. The Carbon Balanced programme gives us an excellent opportunity to put back what we are
taking away.”


During Bauder’s long-standing partnership with the World Land Trust, in collaboration with the Colchester Print Group, the company has helped save over 600m² of tropical forest that is under threat of deforestation, which is equivalent to the size of three tennis courts.

In addition to the Carbon Balanced Paper scheme and as part of Bauder’s on-going commitment to being socially responsible, it also prints its company literature using vegetable based inks on alcohol free presses via a print company that is ISO 14001 and FSC accredited.

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