BBA Extend Durability Statement on Bauder Single Ply

The BBA has re-evaluated the Bauder Thermofol PVC single ply membrane and has deemed the life expectancy to be in excess of 30 years.

The increase in durability was issued after an evaluation of product which had been installed on projects over twenty years ago. The physical and technical properties of the site aged membrane were evaluated against un-aged membrane to provide a comparison between the old and new.  
Based on the excellent long term performance of the membrane the BBA statement of increased durability has been issued with immediate effect.
Commenting on the BBA’s announcement, Peter Stonebridge, product and commercial manager for Bauder’s single ply waterproofing systems said, “The increase to 30 years in expected durability represents a highly credible, reputable endorsement that the Bauder product has the long term high performance that is now expected as normal for all our waterproofing products.”
Further information can be accessed at the BBA website