Extra BREEAM Points with Bauder Roofing

Bauder Scores Excellent Results for Rain Noise Testing


Bauder recently commissioned testing in accordance with ISO 140-18:2006 for two bituminous waterproofing systems to establish noise levels transmitted to rooms below under the impact of heavy rainfall

This relatively new ISO standard requires controlled conditions to produce set rainfall intensity, raindrop size and room size to enable comparative figures to be produced.

When working on educational building projects, these measurements are essential in order to establish whether a BREEAM credit can be achieved under point 5 of section Hea 13 of BREEAM Education 2008.

The results achieved by the Bauder systems tested were extremely good.
The Bauder Total Roof System incorporating 100mm Bauder PIR insulation on a profiled metal deck achieved a quiet 48.9dB, this is at least 7dB better than similar systems using synthetic single ply roofing membranes, and is sufficient to achieve the extra credit for most projects.

The same system with the addition of Bauder Xeroflor XF301 sedum blanket achieved a virtually inaudible 33.5dB, demonstrating another benefit of including a green roof system into the design.

Even when a BREEAM assessment is not being carried out, this information is useful. The Department for Education and Skills Building Bulletin 93, ‘Acoustic Design for Schools’ guides architects, acousticians, building control officers, and building services engineers through the process of the acoustic design for schools. This publication states that rain noise on lightweight roofs must be considered at an early point in the roof design.