Abandoned Building Converted Into Prestigious Offices

90 Hills Road is a prominent standalone three-story office building situated in the heart of the Cambridge City business district. Prior to undergoing renovation the building had been left vacant for over a year and needed major refurbishment, with water ingress halting business operations.


The brief for this project was to not only fix the failing roof but to overlay the existing asphalt covering with a high performing bituminous system that would reflect the quality and prestige of the new corporate building. Given these requirements, the Bauder Total Roof System was a natural choice.

This innovative system is considered the industry leader for integrated robust waterproofing, boasting a life expectancy in excess of 40 years and providing the specifier with the ultimate flat roof solution. It is durable enough to withstand foot traffic and is specified in applications where outstanding longevity is required. These attributes were of particular importance at 90 Hills Road, as the client wanted to install a roof canopy on the second floor that would penetrate the waterproofing system underneath, but obviously need to remain watertight.


Approved contractor, Voland Asphalte, overlaid the existing roof deck with 650m² of Bauder’s top quality bituminous system, which included a highly efficient and lightweight PIR insulation for superior thermal performance. The new roof terrace area has successfully turned what was just a desolate passageway into what is now a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing recreational space for office workers to socialise on and enjoy the spectacular views overlooking Cambridge University’s Botanic Gardens.

The work at 90 Hills Road was completed on time and to budget in June 2013 delivering to the client a bituminous roof of the absolute highest quality, transforming the building in terms of its appearance, performance and functionality.

Project specifier Barber Casanovas Ruffles Ltd. stated their delight with the final result, “All the documents, technical specifications and details were robust, comprehensive and enabled competitive pricing. The delivery and technical support provided was concise, efficient and professional. Although the roof area was complex due to balustrade penetrations, roof lights, upstands and projections all issues were dealt with swiftly by Bauder, ensuring progress wasn’t hindered on site.”