Native Species Vegetation in Green Roofs

Since the introduction of lightweight green roofs into the UK almost 30 years ago, sedum has been the most widely used type of vegetation in extensive installations, because of their ability to withstand the most severe weather conditions and their low maintenance needs. Whilst this has proven to be a highly effective solution to the basic “greening” requirement on many projects, the influence of both BREEAM and Sustainable Homes codes is driving the need to find suitable alternative species that are both native to the British Isles and meet the requirement established by the project environmental consultant.

As the BREEAM and Sustainable homes codes have become better understood by ecologists, so the specific vegetation requirements are growing more onerous, sometimes restricting the choice of species to a point where it is difficult to ensure a viable plant community. The problem hinges around the ecologist’s selection of species that are either local to the site, appear on the Local Biodiversity Action Plan or the National Red List. Unfortunately, whilst a plant community selected from these species will deliver an environmentally sound solution, some of the plants selected will not survive in the very hostile environment found on a green roof.

To help overcome this dilemma, Bauder have introduced a range of native species plug plants, all grown from UK-provenance seed stock and are capable of surviving in an extensive green roof environment. By allowing the ecologist the option to consider a proven range of vegetation for this type of application, Bauder is once again meeting the emerging needs of the green roof industry with a solution that is both practical and cost-effective.

When considering a native species/biodiverse installation, it is important to ensure that the initial establishment and ongoing maintenance requirement of the vegetation is not overlooked. It is also worth considering that the optimum number of BREEAM and Sustainable Homes Code points is usually achieved by the wide diversity of species selected and also the creation of a range of habitats for local wildlife. By working with Bauder, we can help you deliver the optimum solution for all your biodiverse green roof requirements, wherever they may be in the British Isles.