FM Approval on Complete Waterproofing System

Bauder undertook the FM testing programme on its two single ply membranes, FPO & PVC, and used its ability as a manufacturer of both insulation and bituminous waterproofing sheets to combine all of the required elements of the flat roofing system from one manufacturer.

This means that Bauder are the only manufacturer to have a complete flat roof waterproofing system approved, rather than using component parts from different suppliers to piece together a solution. So from the self-adhesive bitumen vapour barrier or DB100 vapour control layer, with our high performance thermal insulation BauderPIR FA up to the synthetic waterproofing membrane in either FPO or PVC, all are now available from a single source manufacturer with FM Approval.


FM Global provides comprehensive commercial and industrial property insurance. Additionally, FM Approvals is a testing institute in which construction components, materials and systems are objectively assessed; it then recommends its clients to use the approved products and systems in any new build or refurbishment project. For full information and a copy of the certificate click here >>>