Bauder Remodels a Much Trusted Waterproofing System

Advanced bitumen membrane waterproofing has been depended on by specifiers, facilities managers and building owners for many years, particularly those manufactured and supplied by leading European company Bauder. 

For nearly 25 years the company has supplied its multi-layered Bauderflex system as a torch applied installation solution on to buildings across all sectors of the construction industry and built environment.  This highly popular and long-established system, nonetheless, has been given a makeover and brought forward into the modern-day with improvements that enhance its performance and encompass proven bonding technologies.


At the end of last year Bauder introduced a self-adhesive underlayer, BauderTEC SPRINT DUO, which is faster and easier to install than a torch-applied equivalent and incorporates the company’s patented “DUO” lap system.  Additionally, the inclusion of this particular membrane allowed for a more thermally efficient insulation to be specified within the Bauderflex system as the SPRINT DUO membrane allows the use of Bauder FA-TE, which is an aluminium-faced PIR board. This allows the roof to achieve the required U values with a more slim line build-up.

To further the progression of the system, Bauder has introduced two more membranes; the first is an improved SBS modified vapour barrier with a lower temperature tolerance, which makes it more flexible in low temperatures, and suitable for direct application to profiled metal decks; and the second is a superior torch-applied underlayer with an improved reinforcement fleece that gives a 25% enhancement in tensile strength.


Paul Felgate, research and development manager, said “The introduction of self-adhesive membranes into the Bauderflex system enables us to give the client a greater choice of membrane configurations for a particular roof application, particularly if the project has tight budget constraints.”

Bauder is known for its steadfast development of its waterproofing systems, and clients rely on this to confidently specify the new membranes when they are launched into the industry.