Bauder Receives Woodland Trust Certificate for its Environmental Efforts

The Woodlands Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity has recognised Bauder for its environmental work. The charity, which aims to protect and restore woodlands for the benefit of wildlife and people, produced a certificate to attest that Bauder had created over 30m² of new woodland in the UK and had removed 1,241kg of carbon dioxide in October 2017.

The certificate comes as part of the Woodlands Trust’s voluntary ‘Woodland Carbon’ scheme which operates under the government’s Forestry Commission. The scheme, which was began in 2012, aims to reduce businesses CO2 emissions as well as promoting the plantation of new trees in order to soak more Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

In this sense, the programme ensures businesses have an opportunity to mitigate their carbon emissions by planting native tree species to support local ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife. Via the Woodland Carbon scheme companies are then provided with a great platform to not only offset their carbon footprint but then also able to have a positive impact on the environment.

For more information on Bauder and its environmental work please visit the sustainability section of the Bauder website, or visit the Woodlands Trust website at: