Bauder Bitumen Vertical Refurbishment Outlets

Stainless steel rainwater outlets

Stainless-steel rainwater outlets with vertical spigots and factory bonded bituminous membrane flange attached for ease of installation. The outs are also supplied with a stainless steel leafguard and mechanical seal.

For use with Bauder bituminous waterproofing membranes when connecting into conventional gravity drainage systems. The product is designed to be used in refurbishment roof scenarios. The spigot when fitted into an existing outlet utilises a mechanical seal to ensure water back up into the existing system is prevented. Outlet flow rates are based upon requirements of BS EN 12056:3:2000.

This product does not require a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) or Declaration of Performance (DoP).

Technical data sheet - DN70   Technical data sheet - DN95   Technical data sheet - DN145  

Product information

Characterstic Unit Value
Length of outlet including spigot mm 400
Diameter of spigot (external) mm 70 (DN70)
95 (DN95)
145 (DN145)
Width of bituminous flange mm 500
Length of bituminous flange mm 500
Thickness of bituminous flange mm 2.7
Outlet and flange combined weight kg Variable (refer to data sheet)
Flow rate performance litres/sec Variable (refer to data sheet)
*Flow rate performance data using a 35mm head of water (including leaf guard), based upon requirements of BS EN 12056:3:2000. Further flow rate performance data can be obtained within this document. For bespoke drainage calculation performance data, please contact Bauder Limited.

All further technical information is stated on the data sheets.