Our range of accessories and ancillary products provide a single point solution for your flat roof projects. Click the listed product to access further details including product and safety data sheets.

For information regarding the products application, please contact the technical department.

Adhesives and cleaners
  • Lightning Conductor Clips

    Specialist clip used within Bauder bituminous and single ply waterproofing systems.

  • Bauder GRP Trim & GRP Watercheck Trim

    To be used at roof edges in conjunction with Bauder bituminous roof systems.

  • Fall Protection

    Ensure the safety of operatives during installation and for maintenance post completion with a fall protection system.

  • Bauder SVP Cover

     A range of stainless-steel covers with integral membrane flange.

  • Bauder Termination Bar

    Used for terminating waterproofing membranes at wall abutments where specified.

  • GRP Trim Angle

    GRP roof edge trim for use with Bauder LiquiTEC and LiquiTOP cold applied liquid systems.

  • Bauder Fixing Bar

    Used in flat roofing applications for fastening the membrane at parapet walls and penetrations.

  • BauderPIR T KL 50 Angle Fillets

    BauderPIR angle fillets are a triangular profiled section of BauderPIR insulation.

  • Bauder Peel Stop Bar

    To be used in flat roofing applications for fastening the membrane at parapet walls and penetrations.

  • BauderROCK Acoustic Infill

    For use in conjunction with Bauder Insulation and Bauder waterproofing systems on perforated metal roof deck constructions.

  • BauderROCK angle fillets

    The product is designed to fully support the waterproof membrane at 90° abutments, providing a smooth transition between the horizontal and vertical interface.

Ancillary products
  • Rooflights

    Bauder can satisfy all your rooftop glazing requirements, from standard modular units to specialist structural glazing. Discover our selection of rooflights.

  • LiquiFIBRE Detailing Kit

    Thick liquid waterproofing compound with built-in reinforcement fibres, which can be used as a solution for waterproofing around awkward penetrations of all shapes and sizes.

  • LiquiPOCKET Detailing Kit

    PMMA based resin compound designed for use in conjunction with bitumen or PVC based waterproofing systems to seal around penetrations that are not possible to waterproof successfully with sheet membranes. 

Other membranes
  • BauderFLEX TA 600

    Elastomer bitumen isolating / nailing layer, featuring a polyester fleece for a flat roof.

  • Bauder Acoustic Membrane

    A noise reduction layer to be used above or beneath the AVCL in Bauder systems on profiled metal decks.