Fall Protection

The safety of any personnel accessing flat roofs for maintenance or inspection purposes is of utmost importance. That is why Bauder works with carefully selected partners to ensure delivery of reliable and robust fall protection mechanisms installed only by operatives with the necessary training to keep everyone safe and guarantee the integrity of the roof.

A compliant, recognised, and compatible fall protection system is important and that is why we only endorse and specify these two manufacturer’s fall protection systems, MSA Latchways or SFS Fall Protection, on Bauder roofs.  Specifically, their systems identified here are those that feature within our Bauder guarantee for the attachment of the Bauder waterproofing to the base plates. The posts themselves have warranties from MSA Latchways or SFS.

There are two key differences for fall protection when a harness related system is employed; work restraint and fall arrest.  Work restraint systems are the safest method of horizontal lifeline system design and prevent the user from nearing the edge of the roof removing the possibility of a fall occurring.  Fall arrest systems will not prevent a fall from height but are designed to ‘limit the consequences of a fall should it occur’.

When a work restraint system cannot be feasibly offered, a fall arrest system can then be considered.

Bauder Approved Horizontal Lifeline Systems

MSA Latchways Constant Force Post Horizontal Lifeline System

The Latchways Man-Safe Constant Force Post system is a fall protection system installed once the waterproofing is complete and is approved for use within some of our Bauder waterproofing systems.