BauderFLEX TA 600

Roofing membrane

Elastomer bitumen Isolating/Nailing Layer, featuring a polyester fleece for nail holding strength and a smooth foil top surface, which is ideal to receive self-adhesive or torch-applied bitumen membranes. 
Separation/Isolating layer in a flat roof system. Can also be used as a separation layer when overlaying existing materials. The membrane must be used on Timber & CLT decks. It is laid loose and mechanically fixed to the substrate.

Product information

Surface Top: PE foil
Bottom: fleece
Reinforcement type and weight Polyester fleece 140 g/m²
Characterstic Test method Unit Value
Length EN 1848-1 m 15
Width EN 1848-1 m 1
Thickness EN 1848-1 mm 2
Mass per unit - kg/m2 2.8
All further technical information is stated on the data sheet.