Hot Melt Blue Roof Compact Vertical Outlet DN70

A thermally insulated rainwater outlet with vertical spigot designed for use when connecting to conventional gravity drainage systems, giving thermal continuity and excellent flow rate performance.    

The high thermal value of the rigid foam body prevents condensation from forming on the underside of the outlet body.    

The integrated screw down clamping ring ensures total waterproofing security between the waterproofing system and the outlet.    

This robust product is manufactured as a one-piece rigid polyurethane foam body that forms the integral sump and spigot. It is manufactured with pre-cast studs to receive the fasteners of the clamping ring. This ensures full mechanical sealing between the outlet unit and the Hot Melt Waterproofing and Protection Sheet, offering an installation process that is both simple and very secure.   

product datasheet

Key characteristics

•    Insulated value of the outlet reduces heat loss
•    Excellent weather resistance (UV/IR Radiation)
•    Shock and impact resistant
•    Incorporates 495mm x 495mm EPDM reinforcement for all round easier Bakor 790-11 installation.
•    Robust and durable
•    Resistant to normal environmental influences
•    High drainage capacity
•    Installation is fast, simple and very secure.