Bauder Activator-Primer

This synthetic rubber resin-based non-flammable material has been specifically developed to provide the necessary preparation of substrates, insulations and underlayers prior to the installation of self-adhesive membranes. The product can also be used with torch-on membranes as well as a foil contact adhesive and fleece-backed membrane adhesive.

Technical Data

Gross weight 20.5kg
Shelf life unopened 12 months
Colour Black
Approximate coverage as a primer and activator (dependant on porosity of substrate) 75m2  for two coats, 150m for one coat
Coverage as a foil to foil adhesive 75m2  for perimeter zones*, 100m for field area
Coverage as a membrane adhesive 75m
Application temperature 5°C to 30°C (where the temperature falls putside of this, please refer to Summer and Winter Advice documents)
Drying time at 10°C 5 to 10 minutes
Recoat time if left exposed 4 hours
Bauder part number GB 60300120
*Perimeter zone - BS EN 1991-1-4 uses the following guidance to calculate perimeter zones. Buildings up to and including 10m in height have a perimeter zone of not more than 2m. Buildings over 10m, use the calculation of 2 x the building height/10. These are general guidance rules and do not take into account all of the information used in a full wind uplift calculation, they are therefore superseded by a project specific calculation.