Bauder PU Insulation Adhesive - Twin Cartridge

This solvent-free twin pack cartridge insulation adhesive is for securely bonding insulation boards to various air and vapour control layers and roof substrates. It is not suitable for polyethylene. It is a chemical-curing, high foaming polyurethane adhesive. This product is suitable for bonding two metal foil surfaces together. 

product datasheet

Technical Data

Coverage 14m2    - average
Shelf life unopened stored at 5-30°C 12 months
Colour Part A - Clear
Part B - Brown
Application temperature 5°C to 30°C
Grab time at 10°C 5 - 10 mins
Grab time at 20°C 0 - 5 mins
Cure time at 10°C 20 mins
Cure time at 20°C 10 mins
Liquid content 1.5 litre
Bauder part number GB 60301200