BauderROCK Angle Fillets


BauderROCK Angle Fillets are a profiled section of BauderROCK, manufactured with an integral mineral-coated glass fibre fleece on the uppermost surface, which ensures a strong bond can be achieved with the subsequently applied roofing membrane. The underside of the profile has the corner cut away to ensure the profile sits snugly against the upstand.

For use in conjunction with BauderROCK Insulation. The product is designed to fully support the waterproof membrane at 90° abutments, providing a smooth transition between the horizontal and vertical interface.

Product information

Characterstic Unit Value
Length mm 1200
Width mm 15 (across back) 75 (across facing)
Thickness mm 30
Surface finish (top) g/m³ 300
Surface finish (bottom)   Raw
Reaction to fire EN13501-1 Class Core material complying with Euroclass A1. With facing Euroclass A2-s1, d0.
All further technical information is stated on the data sheet.