Bauder Bitumen Letterbox Parapet Outlet DN 205 including stainless steel leaf guard

Parapet outlet

A high drainage capacity stainless-steel bitumen letterbox parapet outlet for horizontal roof drainage systems. The factory bonded membrane flange attached to the outlet allows for ease of installation. For use with Bauder bituminous waterproofing membranes when used as a through chute in walls or parapets to external drainage via a hopper head and downpipe. The product is designed to be used in warm, cold, and inverted roof scenarios.

Technical data sheet

Product information

Characteristic Unit Value
Base plate mm 415 (width) x 175 (vertical) x 100 (horizontal)
Aperture mm 205 (width) x 65 (height)
External diameter of spigot mm 210 (width) x 70 (height)
Bitumen membrane flange mm 610 width x 280 vertical x 210 horizontal
Stainless steel spigot length mm 600
Weight kg 4.44 (4.75kg including leaf guard)