Bauder GRP Trims

Bauder GRP Trims are a high quality, maintenance free, GRP Trim for use at the roof edge with Bauder bituminous roof systems. It has a far lower coefficient of thermal expansion than aluminium or steel meaning less movement at the joints, along with a higher strength to weight ratio. Bauder GRP trim is available in a choice of colours and profiles to suit the requirements of most projects.

Product Datasheet   

Technical Data

Product Face Depth Fixing Arm Length Thickness Colour
Type 1 44mm 50mm 2.5m 2.5mm Black
Type 2 44mm 90mm 2.5m 2.5mm Black
Type 3 70mm 65mm 2.5m 2.5mm Black
Type 4* 100mm 65mm 2.5m 2.5mm Black or Grey
Type 6* 150mm 75mm 2.5m 2.5mm Black or Grey
Water Check Trim* 80mm 65mm 3m 2.5mm Black
*See Product Data Sheet for details