Bitumen Blue Roof Flow Restrictor

The Bauder Bitumen Blue Roof Flow Restrictor is designed to be used in conjunction with a standard Bauder Bitumen Blue Roof Vertical Outlet DN70.  The Bauder Blue Roof Bitumen Flow Restrictor is comprised of four parts; Baseplate, overflow pipe, Baseplate inner and Baseplate outer seal. The polyamide Baseplate fits within the 70mm vertical outlet, with the EPDM outer seal creating a watertight fit. The HDPE Overflow slots into the central hole of the Baseplate with an inner EPDM seal preventing any leaks.  

Baseplate has a number (1-12) of 10mm restrictive flow holes bespoke to the project.  

product datasheet

Key characteristics

•    Robust, low maintenance design
•    Overflow pipe is a bespoke length to individual project
•    UV/IR radiation resistant
•    Number of 10mm restrictive flow holes is unique to the project and designated discharge for that particular roof/site.
•    Follows the NFRC (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) Technical Guidance Notes for the Construction and Design of Blue Roofs.