Hot melt products

Bauder's Hot Melt Structural Waterproofing System is ideally suited as a waterproofing system beneath paved or ballasted surfacing, car parks, podiums, plazas, green roofs and substructures. Its method and sequencing of application makes it a cost effective and highly durable system that is self-healing to minor damage.
  • 790-11

    Hot melt rubberised bitumen asphalt with post-consumer recycled materials.

Reinforcement layers
  • Reinforcing Sheet

    Unsaturated spun bounded polyester mat used for reinforcing the system.

  • Neoprene

    Reinforcing sheet component of the hot melt monolithic membrane system.

Access protection layers
  • AP1

    Modified bitumen access protection membrane.

  • AP2

    Chemically treated elastomeric bitumen root barrier.

  • AP3

    Rigid 3mm access protection board.