Photovoltaic products

The BauderSOLAR and Bauder BioSOLAR solutions feature integrated systems in which the module and the substructure are combined to form a single unit, which is secured to the roof without any penetration of the waterproofing or roof deck. Below you will find technical data on the components that make up these systems:

Our PV panels are installed at a 12º angle for optimum energy generation and deliver between 260-310wp per panel for 15.7% efficiency. The system is backed up by a fully comprehensive guarantee as standard, covering the waterproofing, module components and PV installation.

PV Base Components >>

The polypropylene substructure and fixing components create a solid base on to which the PV modules are clipped to, creating a single unit that does not require penetration of the waterproofing for its installation. This ensures the integrity of the roof is completely upheld. 


The mounting board for the BioSOLAR system is a bespoke moulded landscaping component manufactured from HDPE with a deep recessed profile that provides water storage and multidirectional drainage whilst also providing a repository for the green roof substrate.