Green Roof Products

Bauder was the first company to introduce green roof technology into the UK and Ireland over 30 years ago and has been helping people deliver green roof projects ever since. The company supplies all types of green roofs from the waterproofing solution through to landscaping components and the plants, all of which can be found below:

Separation, protection and filtration layers
Drainage and water retention layers
Green roof accessories
  • BauderGREEN SB

    Substrate sedum blanket intended for application directly over BauderGREEN SUB-EM UK.

  • BauderGREEN WB

    Native wildflower blanket designed for use on green roofs.

  • BauderGREEN XF 301

    Sedum system enables green roofs to be installed on structures with very low weight loadings.

  • BauderGREEN Plugs

    A broad range of sedum and wildflower plugs for use on extensive green roofs.

Seed mixes