Bauder SVP Cover 

Bauder's range of specially designed stainless steel covers with integral membrane flange facilitate detailing to soil vent pipes on Bauder RBM, Thermofol, LiquiTEC & LiquiTOP flat roof systems. 

The unit is supplied in three parts to create an effective seal to the inside of the soil vent pipe, whilst providing a neat, watertight detail. 

The range includes variants to cover 110mm and 160mm diameter soil vent pipes that protrude above the level of the proposed new waterproofing system by a maximum of 600mm. 

Key features

•    Part 1 stainless steel sleeve with factory bonded flange to suit the waterproofing membrane being used.

•    Part 2 twin sleeve stainless steel.  Outer skin fits tightly over part 1, whilst the inner skin sits within the soil vent pipe              with an ‘O’ ring seal to prevent condensation.

•    3 models available to suit 110mm and 160mm O/D soil vent pipes.

•    A choice of PVC or sanded RBM integral flange.

•    Adjustable height to suit protruding soil vent pipes up to 600mm high.

•    Part 3 stainless steel vented weather cowl.