BauderGLAS Inverted Insulation

BauderGLAS Inverted Insulation is a non-combustible flatboard inverted insulation with a pre-applied inorganic coating which both achieve a Euroclass A1 rating. It has been designed for use within inverted roof situations on concrete, plywood or timber decks. It is most suited to balconies and terrace applications, and can be used on podiums, under lightweight green roofs such as extensive, biodiverse or brown roofs, or in areas requiring a non-combustible inverted insulation option. The system is complimented by a BauderGLAS Inverted Upstand Insulation option for use in exposed upstand situations requiring a Euroclass A1 rating.


  • Non-combustible
  • High compressive strength 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Thermally efficient 
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Acid and chemical resistant 

Installation techniques

The flatness and the general conditions of the substrate are important criteria when using  BauderGLAS Inverted Insulation. Under a straight (reference) length of 2m, the uneveness should be less than 5mm or 3mm under a straight (reference) length of 0.6m. 

Adequate measurements need to be taken during installation to prevent any damage of the insulation top coating. Point loads need to be avoided at all times during the installation and specifically when installing the Bauder JFRI WFRL, Bauder Drainage Membranes, Ballast, Paving, and Green Roof Systems. Load spreading plates such as those used in paving pedestals, air handling unit supports should be as required by Bauder specification. Ballast such as gravel or paving should meet local regulations for wind uplift. 

Product Datasheet

Technical Data

DOWNLOADS BauderGLAS Inverted Insulation Product Datasheet »
BauderGLAS Inverted Upstand Insulation Product Datasheet »
Density (± 15%)  100kg/m³
Thickness ± 2mm 50, 100, 140, 160, 180 and 200mm
Length ±3mm 600mm
Width ±3mm 450mm
Thermal conductivity   λD ≤ 0.043W/m.K
Reaction to fire Euroclass A1
Point load PL ≤ 1.5mm
Compressive strength     CS ≥ 400kPa
Bending strength BS ≥ 400kPa
Tensile strength TR ≥ 100kPa
Environmental information

The insulation is totally inorganic, contains no Ozone depleting propellants,
flame resistant additives or binders. Without VOC or other harmful substances.
Specially graded recycled glass (≥ 60%) .

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