BauderTHERM Stripes

Specifically for refurbishment projects when the thermal properties of the roof are satisfactory. The installation has two layers of membrane at all detailing and follows Safe2Torch guidelines.

When to specify...

For refurbishment projects where the existing bitumen-based waterproofing is reaching the end of its serviceable life but is still essentially watertight. If insulation exists it should still be thermally suitable, free from moisture contamination or degradation.

The system uses the BauderTHERM SL 500 membrane with thermally activated SBS elastomeric bitumen resin set in a ‘stripes’ bonding pattern to give an approximate 50% bond to the existing waterproofing.

Plus points

■□ System features single membrane layer on the roof field area and two layers at all detailing.
■□ Bauder expects the existing roof to benefit from an extension to its service life > 15 years.
■□ 5.2mm thick, torch-bonded elastomeric bitumen membrane.
■□ ‘Stripes’ pattern of bitumen on the underside reduces the likelihood of inter-layer blistering after installation.
■□ Guarantee options to fulfill cover requirements for the project.

EPD Certification:
■□ Bitumen Membranes.


  Function Product name Thickness
1 Cap sheet BauderTHERM SL 500
(Grey slate)
5.2 6.0
  Primer Varies depending upon
substrate type - please refer
to specification
nominal nominal
System build-up 5.2 6.0
In-depth and up-to-date product specific technical data is available for each element within a system.
Download from our technical-centre

Cap sheet colours

   Grey slate


Approvals, certification and guarantee

■□ Comprehensive range of guarantee packages to fulfil cover requirements for the project (dependant on system/product
      selection). For more information contact our technical department for a sample guarantee outlining cover level, terms
​      and conditions.
■□ Bauder GmbH ISO 50001:2011. View certifications here ►

Installation and maintenance


The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.
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Bauder torch-free detailing methods 

Safe2Torch industry initiativeOur torch-free detail design specifically delivers secure safe application techniques in the vicinity of combustible construction materials located on, or connected to, the roof such as timber substrates or upstands; abutments to cladding, roof tiles, slates or thatch; or even debris such as dry leaf material that is at risk from ignition.  The application methods meet NFRC Guidance Document 'Safe2Torch'

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