BauderVIP Insulation

BauderVIP Insulation is a vacuum insulation panel designed to provide high thermal performance in areas with limited installation height and is ideally suited for terrace and balcony applications.


Image shows the vacuum core - this is protected by a 3mm rubber crumb on the base and 17mm PIR on the top.  The vacuum core is not visible when supplied as it is fully protected.

Technical Data

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Board size 1000mm x 1000mm
1000mm x 500mm
Density 13Kg/m² (60mm) 17Kg/m² (80mm) 
Thickness (mm) 60 or 80mm 
17mm High density PIR
40 or 60mm Vacuum core
3mm Rubber crumb base
Surface finish Top: High density PIR
Core: Vacuum silica encased by multi layer composite aluminium foil
Underside: Rubber granulate mat 
Thermal conductivity (Lambda Value) 0.0063W/mK vacuum core
0.009W/mK fo the combined panel
Compressive strength Minimum 0.12N/mm²