Bauder waterproofing systems that are now CCPI verified 

As a market leader in bringing high-quality products and systems to the roofing and construction industry, we are leading the way again, by adopting the new Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) across our roofing portfolio to have information verified for accuracy and clarity to help ensure specifiers can rely on the data when selecting a Bauder solution.

The CCPI was initiated by the Construction Product Association (CPA) as a direct response to Dame Judith Hackitt’s review of Building Regulations and Fire safety setup in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. It was created to promote an urgent and positive change in the way the construction product manufacturing industry manages and provides information on their products.

By achieving conformance, specifiers and contractors that use our products with a CCPI mark recognise that any claims made about them have been independently assessed across 11 clauses, bringing a greater level of confidence down the supply chain. This provides greater clarity by offering improved product information so that the right systems are more easily selected in the right application. All records will also be maintained for product tracing and system assurance.

The objective of the code is that any claim made about a construction product or system must be substantiated by appropriate, clear, and unambiguous evidence. It will help restore trust and will help the construction specification process safer and more robust. Together with the Building Safety Bill, it can also help make buildings safer.

Product manufacturers apply to Construction Product Information Limited (CPI), (who are the custodians of the code), for verification of their products or systems, and successful applicants must demonstrate their conformance to the relevant clauses of the code for these products/systems.

The code comprises 11 clauses covering a wide range of matters from responsibility for product information to accuracy and clarity of performance claims, general information, and competency of those involved in product information.

It helps to create a level playing field for manufacturers of all sizes and type, ensuring that the information provided to specifiers, contractors, installers, and other users of information pass five crucial acid tests. All clauses must be adhered to in order to successfully obtain a CCPI verification for product sets, and for product and system information these must be,

As a leading supplier of flat roofing systems, integrity is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to be the best in our industry, and transparency is a vital part of our business model.

CCPI Verification for our ststems means that you can have greater confidence in the knowledge that you will have unambiguous information at your disposal when deciding which of our systems is best for your new build or refurbishment project.

We have started the process of getting our systems verified and have achieved CCPI verification for the named waterproofing systems below.

To view our current range of CCPI-verified systems, please click the below links:
Bauder Total Roof System PLUS
Bauder Total Roof System
Bauder System Airtech
Thermofol PVC
Thermoplan FPO
LiquiTEC Cold Applied Liquid Roof and Terrace System
LiquiTEC Cold Applied Liquid Balcony and Walkway System
LiquiTOP Cold Applied Liquid Roof System

Bakor Hot Melt

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