BauderGLAS Insulation 

BauderGLAS is manufactured from specially graded recycled glass (≥ 60%) and natural raw materials which are available in abundant supply (sand, dolomite, lime etc.)  The insulation is totally inorganic, contains no ozone depleting propellants, flame resistant additives or binders. Without VOC or other volatile substances.

Technical Data

Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Core material complying with Euroclass A1, non-combustible, no toxic fumes
Service temperature limits  From -265°C to +430°C 
Water vapour resistance (EN ISO 10456) μ = ∞
Hygroscopicity Zero
Capillarity Zero
Melting point (cf DIN 4102-17) >1000°C 
Specific heat (EN ISO 10456) 1000 J/(kg.K)
Compressive Strength (EN 826 Annexe A) 500kPa
BauderGLAS characteristics  • Time-tested thermal performance
• High compressive strength
• Acid resistant/chemical resistant
• Non-combustible
• Dimensionally stable
• Ecological
• Radon protection

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BauderGLAS Angle Fillets
BauderGLAS Ready Board T3+
BauderGLAS Ready T3+
BauderGLAS Roof Block G1 T3+
BauderGLAS Roof Board G2 T3+
BauderGLAS Slab T3+
BauderGLAS Tapered Ready T3+
BauderGLAS Tapered Roof Block G1 T3+