Bauder PIR insulation for warm roof construction

PIR insulation boards are used widely for new build warm roof constructions which benefit from the dimensional stability and good compressive strength whilst being much lighter and easier to handle than other insulation products. The insulation has the ability to withstand foot-traffic; this is an essential characteristic, especially when used in modern flat roofs waterproofed with single-ply membranes. Foil-faced PIR is thinner in comparison to glass tissue faced when achieving the same U-value.

Ease of installation and energy saving features resulting in accelerated payback are the principal reasons why insulated panels are used extensively in the refurbishment of existing buildings, helping to bring them up to current energy and airtightness standards.

Tapered insulation is one of the most cost-effective methods of introducing a fall to a flat roof. It is also significantly lighter than screed to falls solutions and does not suffer from lengthy drying times.