Bauder Thermotech Glass Insulation 

Bauder Thermotech Glass Insulation is an efficient PIR insulation board with a coated glass tissue facing on both sides, available in a uniform thickness or tapered to falls. It is lightweight with a high compressive strength and has zero ozone depletion potential.  

This product is designed for use under torch-applied or self-adhesive bitumen systems or adhered single ply membranes. 

The product is manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified factory, as are the principle polymer components, allowing credits for “Responsible sourcing” to be obtained for projects subject to BREEAM assessments.

Technical Data

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Flatboard board width
Flatboard board length
Tapered board width
Tapered board length
Thickness 25 to 150mm
Falls (Tapered) 1:60, 1:80
Weight 32kg/m³
Thermal conductivity
Up to 80mm
80 to 110mm
120 to 150mm

Compressive strength ≥0.15N/mm² at 10% compression
Reaction to fire - EN 13501-1 Class E
Top & bottom surface finish Coated glass tissue