BauderJFRI WFRL Membrane

Water flow reducing layer

Flexible sheet of polypropylene strands randomly spun-bonded. UV stabilized to reduce degradation by sunlight. Resistant to passage of liquid water. Membrane is breathable, therefore will not create a condensation trap within the construction. Minimizes insulation thicknesses required to achieve specified u-values by reducing the cooling effect of rainwater build up between waterproofing and insulation.

It is supplied as part of the BauderJFRI and BauderGLAS Inverted Insulation Systems situated on top of the inverted insulation and under the specified surfacing. For a comprehensive NBS J31 Specification contact Bauder technical department.

This product does not require a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) or Declaration of Performance (DoP).

Technical data sheet

Product information 

Facing Top: Embossed Dark Grey
Bottom: Grey
Characteristic Test method Unit Value
Width EN 822 m 3.0
Length - m 100
Thickness - mm 0.45
Weight - kg/m² 0.1
All further technical information is stated on the data sheet.