BauderECO FF

Rigid PIR insulation consisting of 80% biomass balanced raw materials for a sustainable future without compromising quality and performance.

BauderECO FF flat roof insulation is manufactured largely from biomass waste comprising residues from agriculture (plant stems, plant leaves, threshed corn cobs etc); recycled materials from our manufactured PIR offcuts (approximately 1%); and calcium carbonate from natural shell waste from the food industry to incorporate with a glass fleece for the board's facings.

When to specify

BauderECO FF is used within a warm roof construction for a heat/conditioned building on both new build construction and refurbishment of existing flat roofs.
Selected by clients seeking to meet carbon reduction goals for sustainability, commercial and a net zero carbon roadmap across their supply chain for construction and ongoing maintenance of flat roofs on buildings.
Currently, two of our waterproofing systems have been tested with BauderECO FF and are available for specification.
The ECO FF insulation utilises the biomass balance approach, and is manufactured from 80% biomass-based raw materials to offer an environmental and sustainably alternative compared to conventional PIR manufactured from fossil fuel derivatives.

Please note: Under the biomass balance model, the resulting products may not contain quoted volumes of biomass based raw material. However, the volumes of biomass based raw material are allocated and verified by a 3rd party certification scheme.

Plus points

■□ Low embodied carbon compared to standard PIR production that uses 100% raw material from conventional fossil derivatives based on the biomass balance approach
■□ Manufactured using renewable raw materials derived from biomass waste and residues from, for example, agricultural production, crop or food processing.
■□ REDcert² sustainability certification - 3rd party auditing for a voluntary certification scheme
or the use of sustainable materials in the chemical industry. This is for the chemicals used to make this PIR insulation and the finished product itself.
■□ Retains all the benefits of PIR - lightweight, thin, cost-effective, durable, and long-lasting.
■□ Fire performance matches that of our conventional PIR.
■□ Wind load testing and fire testing has been carried out for our BTRS and Thermofol mechanically fixed system. Further system testing is ongoing.
■□ BBA certification is in progress to verify our performance data and ECO FF and, on successful completion of  testing, will be added to our current PIR certificate.