Bauder BioSOLAR

Why Bauder BioSOLAR?

The design of Bauder's BioSOLAR array allows the entire roof to qualify as biodiverse green roof and the varied shaded and sheltered areas attract broader range of wildlife whilst the raised modules allow light and moisture to still reach the vegetation. The Bauder Flora 3 Seed Mix used on Bauder BioSOLAR roofs is a blend of seed, tackifier and additives developed to maximise diversity of vegetation on green roofs. Bauder Flora 3 has all the components required to improve the germination and the successful establishment of vegetation for a variety of rooftop conditions: light and shade; exposed and sheltered. The varied mix of species is designed to deliver the British native, biodiverse species required for BREEAM compliance.

How is the PV array fixed to the roof?

The mounting board for the BioSOLAR system is a bespoke moulded landscaping component manufactured from HDPE with a deep recessed profile that provides water storage and multidirectional drainage whilst also providing a repository for the green roof substrate. The boards are positioned on the top of separation and protection layers which prevent mechanical damage to the waterproofing, just as they would be specified on a conventional green roof.There are no roof penetrations as the green roof growing medium acts as ballast to hold down the mounting boards.

When should I specify a Bauder BioSOLAR system?

The construction and development of buildings in today’s market is calling for rooftop solutions that include a duality of technologies for environmental advantage; a biodiverse green roof coupled with ecological and SuDS enhancement and a solar photovoltaic array. Bauder embraces this cohesive stance with our BioSOLAR solution designed to meet planning and BREEAM requirements.
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