Bauder BioSolar G2 SOLAR PV Mounting System

Bauder BioSOLAR G2 is an integrated solar PV mounting system specifically for Bauder biodiverse or extensive green roofs.

Bauder BioSOLAR G2 is designed for applications where both a green roof and solar PV solution are required together to meet project requirements. The green roof substrate and vegetation provide the ballast mechanism for the entire solution which removes the need for additional ballast or penetrating the waterproofing to secure the units to the roof and maximises the available area for vegetation. Bauder BioSOLAR should be used in conjunction with our BauderFlora 3 seedmix which contains both drought and shade tolerant herb and wildflower species and is suitable for roofs with a fall of up to 5°.

Product Datasheet

Installation guidance

Bauder Biosolar G2 is designed to be installed by a Bauder approved and trained contractor only. Please see Bauder Biosolar installation guidelines for a full breakdown of the system installation methodology. The number of mounts and fixings required will vary from project to project.

Please contact Bauder for a project specific technical report for further information. Windload and snowload calculations will also be provided on a project specific basis and will determine ballast requirements and substrate depths. Bauder Biosolar G2 can be installed on slopes of up to 5° and is intended to be used with Bauder Biodiverse and substrate based extensive green roofs only.