Pedestal Support Range

The Bauder range of pedestal support systems are designed to meet the exacting standards of finishing levels demanded by architects and clients when specifying open-jointed paving and decking finishes. The Bauder pedestal support units provide a lightweight and cost-effective solution when seeking to minimise the height of a free-draining paving system when compared to the traditional bedded permeable paving options.

Bauder Adjustable Pedestal (PB)

A simple, high strength (1,000 kg/m2), low-cost pedestal. The units are fully adjustable with optional slope correctors and a comprehensive range of accessories.
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Depth Pedestal heights avaliable from 18mm - 955mm
Head Diameter 170mm
Base Diameter  197mm
Composition Copolymer polypropylene (CPP)

Bauder Slope-Correcting Pedestal (DPH)

Fully adjustable pedestal range with integral slope corrector. The pedestals have a very high compressive strength. The edging and spacing options solve a variety of paving, decking and grillage solutions.

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Depth Pedestal heights available ranging from 17mm - 1070mm
Head Diameter 150mm - 155mm
Base Diameter 200mm
Composition  Copolymer polypropylene (CPP)

Bauder Non-Combustible Pedestal (NC)

For many applications a non-combustible pedestal is required. Bauder’s NC range offers an aluminum pedestal designed for use on roofs and balconies, with a broad base to spread the load the system has been testing with Bauder Waterproofing systems to achieve BROOF t4.
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Depth Pedestal heights available ranging from 42mm - 282mm
Head Diameter 90mm
Base Diameter 170mm
Composition  Base and head: Recycled Aluminium
Stem: M16 Zinc plate steel