BauderGREEN DSE 60

Drainage board

HDPE Water storage and multi-directional drainage layer. Used on roofs below 5⁰ pitch. Provides a pressure resistant stable base for high loads or support for roof mounted equipment without compression to the drainage capacity. If DSE 60 is filled with Bauder Mineral Drain, it provides a robust temporary finish able to accept site traffic, including vehicles.

This product does not require a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) or Declaration of Performance (DoP).

technical Data Sheet 

Product information 

Characteristic Test method Unit Value
Weight (dry) EN 1848-1 kg/m² 2
Weight (filled with meneral drain) - kg/m² 51.9
Depth - mm 60
Board size - m 0.975 x 1.975 (1.93 m²)
All further technical information is stated on the data sheet.