Blue roof components and surface finishes 

As the waterproofing and insulation must have the correct structural capacity, so too must the void-forming components of the blue roof so that in unison they can resist the permanent load of the required finish and any imposed loading.

The void-forming components must meet the following requirements:
  • Have the capacity to fully accommodate the predicted storm water for a 24-hour period.
  • Be resistant to chemicals such as fertilisers, petrobased compounds and water bound pollutants carried in by rainfall typically from 4-9pH.
  • Allow free-flowing movement of water to the flow restrictor outlets.
  • Be designed to sit beneath the surface finish and be able to prevent any ponding or flooding occurring on the surface finish.
The Bauder Attenuation Cell 100 delivers all the requirements for void forming on a blue roof. As with all roofing components, the blue roof, green roof, and landscaping elements need to be checked and signed off. A BauderBLUE Roof will be verified by a Bauder site technician and this sign off forms part of the roof guarantee.


Surface finishes

A BauderBLUE Roof System will have an aesthetically pleasing surface finish that protects the system from damage, wind uplift, airborne debris and matter, and flotation of the components.

The surface finish will be able to freely drain in to the attenuating void space without submitting to ponding water or flooding.

Suitable permeable surface finishes are: Impermeable surface finishes require approaches to ensure the water can drain or filter in to the blue roof void space so that attenuation of rainwater can occur.
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