Pedestal Supported Decking or Paving

When to specify...

The Bauder range of pedestal support systems are designed to meet the exacting standards of finishing levels demanded by architects and clients when specifying open-jointed paving and decking finishes for hard landscaped intensive rooftops. The pedestals provide a lightweight and cost effective solution when seeking to minimise the height of a free-draining paving system when compared to traditional bedded options. 

Key features

■□ A lightweight, heavy duty adjustable pedestal.
■□ Supports loads of up to 1,000Kg - per pedestal.
■□ Integrated slope corrector head.
■□ Broad base plate – spreads load.
■□ Works with paving, decking and grillage.
■□ Allows easy access to concealed services and waterproofing.
■□ Suitable for a wide range of landscaping applications.


■□ Quick to install.
■□ Cost-effective.
■□ No bedding sand required.
■□ Eliminates algae and efflorescence.
■□ Reduces sound transmission.
■□ Improves heat insulation.

Key applications

■□ Roofs.
■□ Terraces.
■□ Non-combustible roof build-ups.
■□ Balconies.
■□ Plaza decks.
■□ Patios.


PB-1.png   Bauder Adjustible Pedestal (PB Range)

DPH-3-PH5-(1).png   Bauder Slope-Correcting Pedestal (DPH Range)

A-PED-42-57.png  Bauder Non-Combustible Pedestal (NC Range)


1 Paving or decking  
2 Pedestal support system Three optionsfor specification:
  • Bauder adjustable pedestals 
  • Bauder slope-correcting pedestals
  • Bauder non-combustible pedestals


Approvals, certification and guarantee

■□ Guaranteed system.
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Environmental credentials

■□ Pedestal units are easily recyclable at the end of their serviceable life.
■□ Both DPH and PB pedestals is made from 95% recycled plastic.
■□ The NC pedestal is made from recycled aluminium.
Read more about sustainability at Bauder ►


Installation and maintenance

The quality and experience of the installing operative is paramount to ensuring a successful project. Bauder Approved Contractors are the only people fully trained and certified to install our products. They provide the necessary experience that our guarantees demand.
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