Waterproofing installation, detailing and inspection 

British Standards and Systems Codes of Practice for waterproofing detailing should be followed and will provide a guideline to detailing principles, even if they are not specific to a blue roof application.

The minimum recommended height for constructing waterproofing details is 150mm above the finished surface of the landscaping, surface decking, ballast or paving. All waterproofing detailing should incorporate a suitable waterproof termination to the building structure.

In a warm roof construction, consideration may be given to a solution where roof penetrations are locally isolated to prevent any possible water ingress from contaminating the insulation. This is achieved by forming a secondary seal between the vapour control layer and the underlay or the underside of the waterproofing, set 250mm back from any penetrations.


Post installation inspection

An electronic or suitable integrity test should take place on the completed waterproofing, prior to the installation of any blue roof void forming or any landscaping components. The satisfactory waterproofing integrity certification must be retained and the testing company must operate to the guidance issued by the NFRC.

A BauderBLUE roof will have the waterproofing system and blue roof system inspected by our site technicians who will produce individual reports confirming the installation of the system is in accordance with our recommendations and specification.
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