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The roof on the building I manage is now leaking, its an old asphalt roof which is now degrading. How can you help me identify the problem?

We will arrange a convenient time with you to come and carry out a survey of your roof which will appraise all aspects of the current waterproofing.  A core sample will help identify where the challenges are and additional technical diagnostics can pinpoint exactly where water ingress is occuring and the extent of the damage caused within the roofing system.  Just give us a call on 01473 257671, and we can arrange a survey to take place on your building by your local technical manager. 
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How do I know which waterproofing is best to use for my roof refurbishment project?

There are so many options available to you with regard to waterproofing selection that it's best to speak with your local technical manager who will meet with you and discuss your project, any historical problems with water ingress, your budget and how the progamme of works can be scheduled as well as take you through all the benefits of each waterproofing system and how they map against your criteria.
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What is 'Moisture Mapping' and how will it help my failing roof?

It's a method of testing for trapped water within a flat roof containing multiple layers. A moisture gauge is used to pinpoint the presence of dampness within the roof structure to depths of 300mm with the results delivered as a topographical map.  This form of technical diagnostic is very useful in determining the extent of any water ingress and the remedial action required to reinstate the roof.  
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Can I put PV on my current flat roof?

Yes, as long as the additional weight loadings can be accepted by the building's structure.  An important factor is to ensure that the life expectancy of the waterproofing system currently on or to be installed on the roof will match that of the PV array, otherwise you may find that the waterproofing system will need replacing earlier resulting in the complete removal of the array before works can commence to reinstate the integrity of the roof.  The ideal time to add photovoltaics is to do it at the same time as refurbishing the waterproofing system.  
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Why do I have to use one of your approved contractors to install my roof?

Our network of contractors undergo a rigorous selection process and their installers are individually trained specifically in the application of our systems, so you are ensured an expert installation that meets the criteria for our guarantee. Only by monitoring all aspects of the installation, including workmanship can we ensure that the system for your roof meets our standards.  
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What does a Bauder roof guarantee cover?

Our guarantee covers all elements of our products, as well as all design features we were involved in and the installation of the system when carried out by one of our approved installers.  We provide a guarantee on all our projects and the duration reflects the system, its life expectancy and building requirements.


The building I manage has a profiled metal roof and I need to increase the insulation properties in the building. What do you suggest I do?

We have the ideal solution. Our profiled metal overlay system is specifically designed for this scenario. The system comprises of profiled EPS insulation boards, which are manufactured to order so that the profiles match the existing roof sheets. The insulation is then sealed with a single ply membrane system to make the building watertight. 
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